Meet the Company Reinventing Cannabis-Based Medicine

The Harvard-trained MD behind this startup spent the past 11 years developing treatments for 27 rare and deadly diseases. So far, the results appear to be shockingly effective.

He perfected each of them after treating over 25,000 patients… risking his license, livelihood, and reputation in the process.

And he’s just launched a pharmaceutical startup to bring them ALL to market.

On Tuesday, September 1, you’ll discover this legendary doctor’s plan to – in just a few years – grow his tiny $40 million startup to a $21.6 billion behemoth.

During This Exclusive NICI Meeting, You’ll Discover:
  • The team of pharmaceutical all-stars with a 50-year track record of bringing $1 billion+ drugs to market.
  • Their patented treatment that could CURE Alzheimer’s and dementia (currently undergoing clinical trials with stunning success).
  • The secret weapon they believe practically guarantees them FDA approval.
  • Why cannabis is the missing link for so many “incurable” diseases.
  • How they plan to grow from their current $40 million valuation to $21.6 billion in the coming years.
  • The unique code you need to acquire shares of this private startup for just $1 each.
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